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:: my website projects ::
:: here are some of the sites that i have written ::

BBSmates.com . . . dialing up the past

Search a listing of 75,000 BBSes that existed from the 80's to present!
If you were a sysop, look for your old BBS or add it if it's not already there.
Add yourself as a member to BBSes that you used to call.
Find members that you used to chat and game with!

RemotePost v1.0
This is a web-based newsgroup reader that I wrote 100% from scratch, by referencing various RFC documents and many hours of research. Complete with tree views, attachment support, individual user accounts, signatures, and much more! This was accomplished using ASP back-end processing, a SQL Server database, a custom ActiveX (COM+) object that I created using Visual Basic, and JavaScript for front-end processing.


This is a (nearly) complete web-based BBS system. Features include system-wide email, files section, discussion forums with customizable avatars, user listing, and a voting booth. Most importantly, the web-based LORD game that I never quite finished is resting peacefully here. LORD stands for Legend of the Red Dragon, and was perhaps the greatest BBS door game ever created. If you would like the source code for this, just send me an email and I'd be glad to work something out.

email me at nullvalue@bbsmates.com