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:: StormDoor v0.3.2 beta ::

StormDoor is the first (and only) BBS Doorkit written specifically for Visual Basic. StormDoor is compiled into an ActiveX object (OCX), so it can be used from within many different Windows programming languages including VB, VC++ and .NET. It's very easy to use, supports ANSI, and realtime multi-node communication. Multi-node communication is accomplished using windows sockets (via UDP protocol) to communicate between the multiple instances of the door.

Some current limitations of StormDoor are that it only supports the door32 dropfile format, only supports telnet connections (sorry, no COM), and (obviously) the door game will only run under the Windows operating system.

Click Here to download the ActiveX file along with some sample code for door applications.

Click Here to view the user documentation for StormDoor.

Click Here to view the changelog for StormDoor.