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Mini Sumo Robot - "Pot Pi"
My first attempt at an actual robot. Mini-Sumo (500g) bot built from scratch with a lot of parts I had just laying around, hence the name. Features a custom designed PCB, powered by a PIC 16F876A microprocessor, code written in Hi-Tech PICC.

Heathkit Hero 1 Robot
I acquired this guy off eBay after realizing that this is the robot that used to be on Mr. Wizard's World!  He's gonna be pimpin' when I'm all done. I have planned to do a ROM upgrade and an RS-232 interface. All sensors are tested and work well. I won't know if the all of the motors work until I get new batteries for it.

Slot Car Race Timer
I received my Carrera Evolution GT Racing slot car set for christmas a few years ago. The little lap counter that comes with the set just didn't cut it. This thing keeps track of lap-by-lap times for two lanes, and remembers your high scores! Uses iR for object detection, and displays it all on a nifty 256x128 graphics LCD.

On-screen Display Board
I can't quite remember why I started this project. I came across some OSD chips and decided to make something cool with them. With this neat little board, you can connect one end to a PC, the other end to a TV set. Punch in some magic codes and presto, your text is on the screen! In 16 amazing different colors.


LED Sign Board
This was my first stab at electronics. It uses a PIC16F84 processor, five 8x5 LED cluster modules, and a few shift registers. Connect it to a PC, and you can store up to a 64-character message to scroll across the display.

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